Financial Policy
It is the desire of this ministry to glorify the Lord in all matters relating to finances, including how we obtain finances and how we administer funds. We truly believe that a trusting, prayerful heart is precious to the Lord. Equally important is integrity and accountability in handling funds.
We believe that God takes full financial responsibility for the work that He has given us to accomplish, and that He is the source for meeting all of our needs. Our responsibility is to seek His will and to pray in agreement with His will and then wait in joyful expectation that He will release all the finances needed for His will to be carried out.
The ministry recognizes that God's people are the channel through which He supplies the needs of the work. Thus, we also have a responsibility to communicate with them and be in contact in such a way that they will be adequately informed about the ministry the mission fields, including a clear understanding of how they are a part of this mission.

OUR IN SHORT MISSION TO:-  helping the poor where we can and giving children the chance to go to school and get an education, feeding the hungry, taking children into our homes. Outreach, giving out Bibles, making disciples and give food bags out containing tract.

SEND ON LINE BY PAY PAL A safe and quick way Payment to :-  [email protected]


Send in any of the below money transfers shops or go on line and send to:-  

David George Burrus,  pozorrubio, North Luzon, Philippines.
Text :  +639085835635

Xoom   www.xoom.com

After sending the money please send confirmation/transaction Number to our email address at:- [email protected]    Also tell us what company you used this is important please .

  • Tell your friends about our ministry and the web sites we have.
  • Place a link to DISCIPLE MAKERS (http://disciple-makers.webs.com) on your own web site, email or blog.
  • Print pages from our web sites  and pin them up at your work place  (get permission to do so first).
  • Please become an advocate for Disciple Makers/ The real church.
  • Please help us to fund raise in your country.
  • Most important please pray for this mission and the people we are trying to help.


Address :-  c/o P.O Box 166 Catbangen, San Fernando City, 2500, La Union, Philippine Islands.

Website:-   http://disciplemakers-mission.webs.com   -    http://the-real-church.webs.com


Email:-  [email protected]


Everything we do at is possible because of the love offerings and gifts from individuals and families just like yours. With your help, we can continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique, meaningful way and help those in need where possible as we work in the mission fields.

We make every effort to manage God's money in a biblical way and every dollar/pound/peso goes into the ministry for impact projects. 

There are no employees and no salaries. Everyone working for this mission does so on a volunteer capacity with a cheerful and giving heart for God.


Today, our constitution protects each individual's freedom of religion, belief, and association. Any group of people may gather together, worship, and practice their faith without informing the government or seeking its permission. If our ministry is registered, we are bond by the rules of the Governments and today in many countries they are laying down rules that restrict the spreading of the Gospel and speaking up for the very poor and abused in many cases.

In some countries they are trying to stop house Church, trying to stop street witnessing, a number arrests have already taken place for speaking against Gay marriages and their license taken away.  This is just the beginning in this non Christian World that is fast taking place with many Countries being run by non Christian people.

We stand with a few others, and will NOT water down our faith. God will always be our master. Please stand with us.

To this end we have not registered.

WE ARE NOT registered as a non profit organization.  UNDER THE LAW, WE ARE A FREE CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS

We will give receipts for all transactions upon request. But we make it clear, Receipts are NOT FOR TAX DEDUCTIONS